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Tuesday 27.AUG.24 - Saturday 31.AUG.24

Art Appreciation Summer Special

Art Appreciation Summer Special is happening again!


A week of looking at  great paintings and sculptures in the heart of London. We will discuss the lives and work of great artists, and  you will have the chance to try your hand at painting a landscape and sketching a portrait. A real live artist will  talk about their work and allow you to look into the life of an artist. Art Appreciation is a regular weekly event that happens in Soho on a Tuesday night at 6.30pm in Soho. You are very welcome to join us, even if you have never been to any of our events before.

Paint Cans


Art Appreciation Summer Special will happen at our cafe in Soho from Tuesday 27th August  - Saturday 31st August 2024. 3 Greens Court, Soho, W1F 0HD. Events will begin in the afternoon. more details to follow.

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